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Product Procedure

1. Prunning

The current owner, Jackson Bai (Bai Xu), personally works slowly and carefully to cut branches and only keeps the most robust branches of the year. He strictly controls production and ensures balanced grape quality every year.

2. Growing

We fertilize with organic fertilizers, plant by hand, and accurately detect the composition of the soil. Strictly following the industrial standards, we carefully govern each vine, so it can reach the high-quality grapes demanded by the top wineries.

3. Harvest

The Byland Estate brand purely hand-picks only the finest grapes for winemaking, leaving unqualified grapes in the vineyard.

4. Wine Making

We collaborate with an award-winning winegrower with over 20 years of winemaking experience (2 gold and 3 silver medals in the 2017 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada). Aging for months in French oak barrels, our wines firmly follow the Canadian wine industry’s VQA brewing standards, obtaining VQA certification.

5. Bottling

The bottling process at the estate’s site ensures each bottle is fully enclosed and filled, protecting its safety and quality.

6. Storage

Stored in a qualified wine cellar with strict specifications and suitable temperature environment, it greatly guarantees the quality of the products before leaving the winery. This effectively protects the legitimate rights of consumers.

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